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The Company

Malfé Film is an independent film production company set up in 2016 by Enrico Giovannone, editor and producer, and directors Alessandro Abba Legnazzi and Matteo Tortone.

Our interest is cinema from the point of view of the concept of art, and that somehow it can shift the conscience, that maid as tool of criticism, of contrast, that expresses a vision of the life: that would be somehow a tool of knowledge of the human mind. Equally we are interests in a cinema that is not predictable, that leaves space to the spectator to be able to concot about the film, to give his own reading about it.

We are interest on film from which different visions can be drawn, that also promote elements of discussion, or simply that expresses an ideal of beauty, without seeking any intellectual component, rational, or politics.

Our aim is to develop and produce cinema projects that explore the border between the cinema of reality and the fictional film.

Our first production, the collective fictional film Bar Malfè, currently in post-production, grows out of this philosophy.

Malfè’s founders operate for years in independent cinema production and they have respectively gotten national and international successes, television and theatrical distributions.

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