(in production)
a film by Matteo Tortone


Jorge leaves his moto-taxi business in the suburbs of Lima and his family to seek fortune as a miner, reaching the highest and most dangerous Andean goldmine in Peru.
Lost under a glacier in the mountains, La Rinconada is “the closest city to the sky”.
It attracts thousands of seasonal workers like Jorge, seeking a lucky strike and a better life.
Here starts a journey full of presages, where reality blends with magic, where the myth of richness is built over a sacrifice: every now and then, miners mysteriously disappear, since gold belongs to the Devil, El Tio de la Mina requires sacrifices.


The idea of the movie starts in a village of gold miners, in the northern part of Tanzania.
I was captivated by the metaphysical aspect of gold, counter-shot of the macroeconomic implications of the gold market. La Rinconada appeared to me as the perfect setting for narrating the contemporary gold rush: a gold miners town located at 5.300m. high on the Andes, a destination for masses of men due to the global economic crisis.
Through Jorge I was able to enter the world of the Peruvian informal mine, get to know how it works and see the power of the mythopoeic universe that governs its dynamics, so much so that is indistinguishable what is legend from what is reality. Starting with the human sacrifice “Pagacho”, a ritual known by all and widely spread, but indemonstrable.
This dimension, apparently so distant from my everyday life, has gradually become more and more familiar: a metaphor of the relationship between men and wealth.

Directed by: Matteo Tortone

Produced by: Alexis Taillant, Nadège Labé, Margot Mecca, Benjamin Poumey


José Luis Nazario Campos | Damian Segundo Vospey | Maximiliana Campos Guzman
Juan José Nazario Campos | Juan Pedro Nazario Campos | Cristian Nazario Campos
Katerine Campos | Carla Fernanda Napoleon Vasquez | Jhon Chambi

Cinematography: Patrick Tresch
Editing: Enrico Giovannone
Sound: Jean-Baptiste Madry

Fixer, Assistant Director, Interpreter: Andrea Balice
Cultural Mediator: Ladoysca Romero

Screenplay: Matteo Tortone, Mathieu Granier

Mix: Adrien Le Blond
Foley Artist: Benjamín Espinoza | Alma Garrido
Foley Recordist: Cristián Espinoza
Colorist:Blaise Villars
Mastering: Damien Molineaux
Subtitles: Sandrane Ducimetière
Graphic Design: Dimitri Delcourt
Production Assistant:Mehdi Sahed

Productions: Wendigo Films, Malfé Film, C-Side Productions.
Countries of production: France, Italy, Swiss.
Language: Spanish.

With the support of
CNC Aide à l’écriture
CNC Aide au développement
Aide aux Cinémas du Monde
Procirep Angoa
Eurimages (Eurimages Lab Award 2019)
Ministero della Cultura
Piemonte Doc Film Fund
Loterie Romande