(in production)
a film by Matteo Tortone

Jorge, 21 years old, lives in Santa Maria del Triumpho, in Lima. He is a moto-taxi driver, and dreams to become a mechanic.
He wants a better future for him and his family. That’s why he travel along the Perù to a well known gold mine: La Rinconada.
Someone call this town, the highest town in the world (5300 mt), the new Eldorado. But there are a also a lot of rumors about the dark side of it. Violence, rituals, sacrificies.
An initiatory journey. A one way gold rush.


A film by Matteo Tortone
written by Matteo Tortone Mathieu Granier
Produced by Wendigo Films | Malfé Film | Produzione Spinosa
Production Manager (for Malfé Film): Margot Mecca
With the support of: CNC aide à l’écriture | Piemonte Doc Film Fund | Procirep | CNC aide au développement | CNC Cinémas du monde

CNC Cinémas du monde
Wendigo Films
Film Commission Torino Piemonte
Malfé Executive Producer
Fr Producer
Fr Executive Producer
Cultural mediator