Mother Lode

86 min | Docudrama | France, ITALY, SWITZERLAND | 2021
4K | 1.90:1 | audio: SPANISH 5,1 | subtitled versions: ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, GERMAN


“Pure, deep and unforgiving” Cineuropa
“L’événement and Mother Lode are gems” The Film Experience
“Mother lode is an absolute triumph” International Cinephile Society
“blurs the lines between fiction and factual filmmaking to immersive effect” ScreenDaily


Jorge leaves his moto-taxi business in the suburbs of Lima and his family to seek fortune as a miner, reaching the highest and most dangerous Andean goldmine in Peru. Lost under a glacier in the mountains, La Rinconada is “the closest city to the sky”. It attracts thousands of seasonal workers like Jorge, seeking a lucky strike and a better life.
Here starts a journey full of presages, where reality blends with magic, where the myth of richness is built over a sacrifice: every now and then, miners mysteriously disappear, since gold belongs to the Devil, El Tio de la Mina requires sacrifices.



José Luis Nazario Campos |   Damian Segundo Vospey | Maximiliana Campos Guzman | Juan José Nazario Campos | Juan Pedro Nazario Campos | Cristian Nazario Campos | Katerine Campos | Carla Fernanda Napoleon Vasquez | Jhon Chambi

Produced by

Alexis Taillant, Nadège Labé, Margot Mecca, Benjamin Poumey

Cinematography: Patrick Tresch C.S.C.

Sound: Jean-Baptiste Madry

Editing: Enrico Giovannone

Original music: Ivan Pisino

Fixer, Assistant Director: Andrea Balice

Cultural mediator: Ladoysca Romero

Screenplay: Mathieu Granier, Matteo Tortone

Colorist: Blaise Villars

Mastering:  Damien Molineaux

Mix: Adrien Le Blond                        

Foley Artist:  Benjamin Espinoza, Alma Garrido

Production Assistant: Mehdi Sahed

Production: Wendigo Films | Malfé Film | C-Side Production

Subtitles: Sandrane Ducimetière

Graphic Design:  Dimitri Delcourt  

With the support of: 

CNC | Aides aux Cinémas du Monde | Procirep Angoa | Eurimages | MIC-Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo | Piemonte Doc Film Fund | Ibermedia | OFC | Cinéforom | Loterie Romande | RTS

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